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Omaha Poker Strategy

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- 09:59
Omaha Hi instructional video from epokervideo, great for intro information
- 09:44
Omaha HiLo opponent self-destructs after building huge lead in this sit and go at Stars.
- 09:12
Thomas Whalroos shoves it in all in (knowing he was) behind at this final table of the WSOP Omaha Final Table, but was it a good move?
- 08:30
Omaha Odds Calculator See Marty Smith show the features of Omaha Indicator - the ONLY Omaha Poker Calculator with auto-read capabilities
- 06:43
Mike Matusow gets invloved in a quarter pot conundrum in Omaha Hi-Lo cash game at Full Tilt Poker.
Omaha Poker Report launches with learning resource and Omaha strategy videos for learning the games of Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo.

From the desk of Marty Smith:

When I first played Omaha at home game (dealer's choice) none of us really knew what the heck a good hand was. Not only that, we were playing it wrong... not knowing it was two, no less or more cards that we had to use from our hands! It didn't last long as none of knew what to make of it. Fast forward a few years and we now know that Omaha and Omaha Hi_Lo are the most popular poker games behind hold'em and growing steadily online.

This video show the key concepts and rules of Omaha and Omaha hi lo.

Full Tilt Poker features Omaha and Omaha 8 games in their huge FTOPS events with pros like Mike Matusow and Gus Hansen hosting such events. Poker Stars seems to always have an Omaha tournament on the schedule and both sites have busy Omaha PL ring tables and Omaha PL tables, so you can always find a game now if you wanted to.

I think what has kept Omaha Poker growing is that many professional players like Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, David Benyamine, Brian Townsend, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstien and Mike Matusow have played a lot of high stake pots in these games on their respective poker sites and thus attracted a lot of attention to the game from would-be players.

If you want to see some of these Omaha Poker tables in action then just sort the cash Omaha games by the highest limit and open those tables up. You will invariably see at least a few professionals playing there.

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Are you playing a home game and want your buddies to try Omaha? Are you looking for another game that will help ease the pain of bad beats in NLHE? Are you just trying to learn the game so you can find something useful to play anytime based on

softer tables? Either way you can`t make the mistake of assuming that everybody else wants or cares to learn the game, but if you are dragging someone else into it then friends beware.

NLHE is comfortable. It's familiar. There are no surprises. Practically everybody has heard enough percentages and tidbits of advice somewhere to feel competent with the game. Even when they lose, it's a familiar situation.

In Omaha you will often find yourself letting your money ride on the cards to come, becuase of so many outs. This can be stressful, but if you can handle the swings and play the odds you have the chance to turn a very nice profit.

With Pot Limit Omaha, (PLO) or Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (PLO8), it's outside of that. When the learning player gets cleaned out time and again with those huge multi-way second-best draws, they just might feel taken advantage of and the novelty is bound to ware off when money is at stake. NLHE just feels more like a fair fight. It is far more discernible to KNOW when you screw up in hold'em than it does in Omaha. If you want to know about suckouts when you NLHE opponent hits a 4 outer, then try and get someone out of the pot with 25 outs!

The good news for you is that the number of bad Omaha players online is even more significant than in hold'em, so just learn the game, read, study, play low low limits, and get to know frustration like it was your best friend - but leave your friends out of it!